Keith Minella, Strategy

Keith G. Minella


Pace University, B.A.

National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP)

Keith Minella is a nationally recognized insurance and subrogation claims expert who leverages his extensive knowledge and experience in perfecting complex recovery rights for healthcare providers, payers, and self-insured entities. Keith joined Allēus in early 2018 where he focuses on the ongoing development of Mass Tort litigation (MDL) recovery products and services related to uncompensated/undercompensated care.

Based on his extensive knowledge and expertise of the legal principles, origins, and application of subrogation rights, Keith has founded several successful companies over the past 25 years. Notably, he founded Subrogation Partners, which became one of the leading independent subrogation recovery firms in the United States, recovering more than $500 million for over 125 clients including five state insurance departments. In 2008, Subrogation Partners was acquired by Aon Corporation, the world’s largest insurance broker.

Early in his career as a third-party administrator, Keith presided over the run-off of Commonwealth United Insurance Company for the California Insurance Department Conversation and Liquidation Division. He also presided over the run-off of Essex Insurance and Hamilton Bermuda, and the run-off and liquidation of U.S. Capital Insurance of NY for the New York Department of Conversation and Liquidation.

Keith has a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University. He has testified as an expert witness in many subrogation arbitration proceedings and is a member of the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP).