AHA Announcement ACLC Value Based Readiness Assessment

AHA Announcement ACLC Value Based Readiness Assessment


September 30, 2017 – A results analysis aiming to help leaders translate the VBRA insights into an action plan

Health system leaders and care teams are overwhelmed by the pace and scope of effort required to transform the organization to new expectations of “value” and financial risk. Both Federal and commercial payers are rapidly moving towards value based payment models, and for many health systems the ability to perform under such models is questionable.

Existing strategies won’t successfully guide organizations through this immensely challenging “volume-to-value” transformation. Effective leadership will require a deep understanding of what is expected by all stakeholders— personnel, payers, patients, partners and the local community—and the ability to create a comprehensive, thoughtfully sequenced strategy that creates a demonstrable value proposition for consumers and purchasers of health care services.

The Value-Based Readiness Assessment (VBRA) was developed with and for health system leaders and providers by Dartmouth and the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative to help health systems of all sizes address the volume-to-value transformation challenge. The unique VBRA design and proprietary analytic model gives leaders in-depth insight into the organization’s current ability to perform value-oriented competencies and an understanding of the willingness of the workforce to adopt a change agenda for the competencies requiring improvement. The results are then used to identify “what is going well” and “what might be improved”, and to suggest a strategy that achieves measurable improvement at a pace that matches the workforce’s readiness to change.

VBRA ANALYTIC MODEL: Translating Perceptions to an Aligned Strategy – An analytic model was created to enable leaders to incorporate the mindset of employees – executives to front-line staff – and subjective norms of the organization in their “volume-to-value” transformation strategy (see Figure 1). The model was developed using a wide variety of organizational strategy (e.g., change management, leadership, etc.) and behavior change models, and evaluations of executive leadership cases from inside and outside of healthcare.

ANALYTICS PLATFORM – The objective of the analytics platform is to provide leaders and their teams with the ability to analyze the data at a level of detail required to confidently produce or refine a strategic plan. The platform offers executive summary level views, as well as the opportunity to identify the key insights and “blindspots” by and across roles and across multiple levels of detail (competency and objective). The content below describes the purpose of each view (in red) on the analytics platform, and the flow you might follow to produce an action plan.

About the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative

The Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC) will accelerate the transition to accountable care by identifying the care delivery competencies needed for providers to succeed in risk-bearing payment models. As the accountable care movement progresses, organizations are transitioning from “what to do” to “how to do it.”  The ACLC brings together the top performers in accountable care and industry leaders who know what it takes to succeed.

In collaborative forums, members contribute their understanding and experience in the real world of accountable care implementation.  Members participate in identifying, defining, and creating a framework of the competencies all risk-bearing entities need to succeed.

The formation of the ACLC was accelerated by its affiliation with the former Brooking’s ACO Learning Network, which for over six years provided workshops, intelligence and networking to providers and other industry organizations.  Members of the Learning Network have joined the ACLC to continue advancing to the ACLC’s new mission.

About Allēus Health Analytics

Allēus Health Analytics provides a diverse suite of unique data mining and analytic capabilities coupled with expertise from all four corners of the U.S. healthcare ecosystem; healthcare service providers, commercial payers, employers and consumers. This unique combination allows Allēus Health Analytics to provide highly relevant insights, advisory and related services to consumers, employers, healthcare service providers and commercial payers with a focus on the operational, financial and strategic aspects of healthcare delivery.

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