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Transform knowledge into power. The healthcare ecosystem of the future must be able to effectively extract value from its data to obtain the insights necessary to fuel meaningful transformation.


Turn health plan data into information, and information into valuable insights that will drive greater efficiencies and improve medical loss ratios.


Extract value from members and provider data by providing advanced analysis and actionable insights to help optimize health plan performance.


Transform data into actionable insights to help improve the safety and performance of public sector health plans.


Revenue Discovery Analytics
Compliance Program Assessment
Controlled Substance Diversion


ERISA Performance Analytics
Financial Assistance Analysis


Performance Analytics
Program Integrity
Prescription Drug Program Integrity


Recovery Performance Analysis
Financial Assistance Analysis
Program Integrity
Prescription Drug Program Diversion

Innovation through Counterintuitive Analytics

Allēus Health Analytics provides a suite of unique data mining and analytic capabilities, highly-relevant insights and advisory services to healthcare services providers, commercial and public payers, employers and consumers.